It is already 15 years that “SA Organization” made a recognizable image about its activity and name. The organization established by Selahattin Atalay has succeeded a number of big projects embodied during these years. The Company organized unforgettable concert programs of the worldknown artists in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Cyprus and other countries. As a company that founded its business in Azerbaijan, “SA ORGANIZATION” perfectly and professionally approaching to its activity made its signature to the concert projects of a number of famous performers such as Ibrahim Tatlises, Nilufer, Ajda Pekkan, Alishan, Ingrid Alberini, Imagination, Anna Marria, Ruslana, Kayahan, Rafet El Roman, Grigoriy Leps, Kenan Dogulu, famous dance groups such as “Fire of Anatolia”, “Tararam”, “Shaman”, Celtic Legends,etc.